The Collier County Public Utilities Renewal (PUR) Program consists of a series of projects to repair and replace aging potable water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure in three communities within Collier County, necessary to ensure continued high quality and reliable utility services. Residents within the three program areas, called basins, will receive new water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, along with newly paved roadways where construction has occurred.

In 2012, the PUR program originated when Collier County identified the need to continuously update its utility infrastructure to meet the demand for services within these growing communities. County staff identified three basin areas with the greatest need for infrastructure upgrades and replacement through several detailed studies and internal evaluations.

The Collier County PUR program areas are:

  • Basin 101 – Naples Park, Vanderbilt Drive, and Cul-de-Sacs
  • Basin 305 – Gateway Triangle, Flamingo Estates, Lakewood, the Glades and Naples Industrial Park areas
  • Basin 306 –Bayshore and Thomasson Drives

In 2013, Collier County hired engineering consultants to further define the scope of the infrastructure improvements needed in each basin area. A series of basin-specific recommendations were identified, which included: optimizing existing wastewater conveyance systems, enhancing countywide reliability, improving safety and operation of county wastewater pump stations and improving county monitoring and control systems.

In 2016, construction activities commenced on several projects within Basin 101. This website will provide periodic updates of the construction progress of the multiple infrastructure upgrades that are part of the Collier County Public Utilities Renewal Program. These are the culmination of many years of planning and will help lay the foundation for sustainable future growth in Collier County.