Palm River

Palm River Project map

The Basin 103 Program Area includes the Palm River Estates. This program is a multi-year effort with design and construction occurring over the next 8-10 years, as dictated by funding and priorities.

Work to be performed includes the repair and replacement of water, wastewater and stormwater systems that service residents and businesses within Basin 103. Clay sewer pipe laterals from the property will be replaced with new PVC pipe. At times, this work may need to take place on private property and permission from the owner will be necessary. Stormwater collection and treatment system rehabilitation work will take place in the right-of-way.  The County will commence rehabilitation of the utilities within Basin 103 with the Palm River Estates project. 

Palm River is primarily a residential community (single and multifamily) with a small amount of commercial properties near Immokalee Road. There are approximately 10 miles of roadway and 1,500 property owners within the Project area. The utility system in Palm River has experienced numerous water main and service line breaks in the Project area. Collier County Stormwater Division has received calls with localized flooding complaints on multiple streets. The majority of the underground infrastructure has met its useful life and is in need of replacement. Due to the size of the Palm River area, this project has been divided into ten areas, that will be designed and constructed in different phases. Each phase may consist of one or more than one of the areas shown in the map above.

Palm River Public Utilities
Renewal Project

The Palm River Public Utilities Renewal Project includes the implementation of improvements to Collier County owned potable water, wastewater, irrigation quality water, stormwater, roadway, and sidewalk systems within the Palm River area. The project area is generally described as the region located between Immokalee Road and Imperial Drive, between Collier’s Reserve Drive and Cypress Way East. Please note that Saddlebrook Lane within Horse Creek Estates, the community located adjacent to the northwest corner of the project boundary, has been excluded from this project.