Palm River Area 1 and 2

Palm River Project map


This project consists of the replacement of aging water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure within the Palm River Neighborhood along a portion of Cypress Way East, a portion of Palm River Boulevard, Golfview Drive, Pompano Drive and Eastwood Drive.  This project also includes improvements to two existing wastewater pumping stations. As part of the improvements, water and sewer service lines will be replaced. Clay sewer pipe lateral from the property will be replaced with new PVC pipe. This work may need to take place on private property and permission from the owner will be obtained, as necessary. Rehabilitation of the stormwater collection and treatment system will take place in the right of way. All driveways will be restored to their previous condition or better and all roads will be rebuilt, including new subgrade, base and asphalt. A new sidewalk will also be installed along a section of Cypress Way East. This project is necessary to ensure a continued high level of utility service for the community.


September 15, 2023

New eight-inch PVC water main, fire hydrants and water services were installed along Cypress Way East, Golfview Drive and Palm River Blvd. The new water main along Saddlebrook lane was also installed and restoration activities related to the new water main were completed in this area.  Existing asbestos-cement water main removal has been completed along Cypress Way East and Palm River Blvd. New sanitary sewer main and laterals and force main installation has also been completed and stormwater drainage is currently being installed along Cypress Way East. New sanitary sewer system installation also continued along Palm River Blvd. Phase 1. Road restoration activities continued along Cypress Way East and limerock is currently being placed and compacted along the roadway.  Water main installation activities have been completed along Phase 2 of the project, consisting of Cypress Way East, Pompano Drive and Eastwood Drive and pressure testing, flushing and chlorination of the water lines have also been performed. Bacteriological testing was also performed and FDEP permit approval is anticipated in the following weeks.


Palm River Public Utility Renewal Project
Phases 1 and 2

Current Progress as of September 15, 2023

Contractor: Haskins, Inc.
Cost: $15,579,339.85
Construction commencement date: March 2023
Anticipated construction completion date: Summer 2024

The projects listed below represent the Palm River projects that are currently under construction, design development or early planning stages. Additional projects will be added to this page as new projects are identified and developed within Palm River program area.


Areas as they become under design or under construction, respectively. 


Areas as they become under design or under construction, respectively.