Basin 101

Basin 101 Project boundary map


The Basin 101 Program Area includes the Naples Park neighborhood, Vanderbilt Drive, and the adjacent cul-de-sacs streets. This is a multi-year effort with design and construction occurring over the next 10-20 years as dictated by funding and priorities.

This Program includes the repair and replacement of water, wastewater and stormwater systems that service residents and businesses within Naples Park from 111th Avenue North to 91st Avenue North between Tamiami Trail and Vanderbilt Drive. As part of the improvements, the contractor may need to replace water and sewer service lines. Clay sewer pipe laterals from the property will be replaced with new PVC pipe. This work may need to take place on private property and permission from the owner will be necessary. Stormwater collection and treatment system rehabilitation work will take place in the right of way. The County has replaced potable water mains and service connections along 91st Avenue, 92nd Avenue, 93rd Avenue and 94th Avenue along the 700 block of 97th Avenue North. Wastewater gravity sewer replacement will be required for 91st, 92nd, 93rd, and 94th avenues, which will occur toward the end of the program timeframe, since other utility work was recently performed on these streets. The County will move forward with the design and development of construction documents for the water and sewer main replacements as funding becomes available.

As part of this program, critical pump stations will be rehabilitated to enhance functionality and add emergency pumping capabilities. Crews will fully rehabilitate four existing pump stations and partially restore another 15 pump stations. Other improvements include the replacement and installation of a new force main line from Creekside Boulevard into Naples Park. This new line will prevent overflow conditions and relieve the need for the force main along the 111th Street Bridge.

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