Basin 101 Neighborhood Pump Stations Rehabilitiation

Basin 101 Neighborhood Pump Stations Improvements map


There are 22 wastewater pumping stations within Wastewater Basin 101. In general, mechanical equipment associated with pumping stations has a useful life of 20-25 years. The County is in the process of replacing pump station components, as well as enhancing stations to meet up to date standards for these facilities. Rehabilitation efforts include electrical upgrades and/or pump replacements. The improvements are necessary to ensure a continued high level of utility service for the community.

Currently the County has plans to enhance pump stations as part of the Vanderbilt Drive/Cul-de-sacs Public Utility Renewal project. These pump stations include PS 101.07, PS 101.08, PS 101.09, PS 101.10, and PS 101.11. As additional pump station improvement projects are identified and designed, this website will be updated to include anticipated schedules for their design and construction.