Creekside Force Main Phase 2

Creekside phase 2 map


This project consists of the installation of a new pressurized wastewater pipeline, known as a force main. Phase 1 along Creekside Boulevard is already complete. Phase 2 will be constructed from 111th Avenue North along 8th Street North to 107th Avenue North, and along the 800 block of 107th Avenue North to just beyond 8th Court East. This project will improve the ability to move wastewater from Basin 101 to the treatment facility. The project will also include the repair and replacement of water, wastewater and stormwater systems that service residents along the 800 block of 107th Avenue North. As part of the improvements, water and sewer service lines may be replaced. Clay sewer pipe laterals from the property will be replaced with new PVC pipe. Stormwater collection and treatment system rehabilitation work will take place in the right of way.

Contractor: To be determined
Cost: To be determined
Construction commencement date: 2022
Anticipated construction completion date: 2023/24